What is Hoopcamp?

Hoopcamp is the largest yearly gathering of the hoop dance community, held at a Tibetan Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, California. Now in it’s 6th year, hoopers from all over the world come together at Hoopcamp to share, connect, learn, and celebrate the hoop as a transformational movement tool for creative self-expression.

How did Hoopcamp start?

Heather Troy first felt inspired to coordinate a West Coast gathering for the hooping and movement arts community in 2007. At that time she had just recently discovered hooping herself, and was hooping weekly on West Cliff. This beachside weekly workshop, originally led by Marilee, eventually became the Sunday Lighthouse Hoopjam.
Because hooping in the park with a group of really wonderful people was fun and empowering, Heather decided to seek out other hoop gatherings in beautiful places. She signed up for a magical weekend retreat in Ojai, CA with Diana of Bodyhoops, and attended a HoopGirl retreat in Yelapa, Mexico, led by Annie of Annieland.
These experiences, and the friendships and collaborations she formed along the way, led Heather to put her background in events management to good use by hosting the first West Coast Hoop Retreat in 2008 at Kennolyn, a resort nestled into the Santa Cruz redwoods. After three amazing years hosting 150 hoopers from all over the world, Hoopcamp outgrew its Kennolyn location and moved to the Pema Osel Ling Tibetan Retreat Center. Now in its 5th year, Hoopcamp hosts 250 hoopcampers annually. The dream is to continue growing and evolving as a West Coast retreat for the ever-evolving, dynamic and truly inspirational world wide hoop community.

Hoopcamp Event Producers:

About_HeatherHeather Troy, who has been teaching hoop dance privately and through UC Santa Cruz since 2007, is a firm believer in Henry Ford’s wise words: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” She thought she could master a move and it showed up, she believed she could create a hoop gathering and it happened. Being able to share this life affirming energy with so many amazing like-minded, creative spirits has enriched her life in many extraordinary ways. When not dreaming up events or juggling Hoopcamp logistics you can find Heather browsing local thrift stores, writing poetry, or walking her “dog daughter” on the beach. Heather loves to teach hoop dance and perform in her beautiful hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. Her greatest joy is in the gatherings when she can feel the energy of people enjoying their Hoopcamp experience. A big thank you goes out to all Hoopcampers past and future for participating in this journey. Her hope is that as she learns more and more every year from hosting this event, she will be able to help create MORE and MORE MAGIC for the flow arts community to enjoy!Email me: hoopcampinfo@gmail.com
Hoopcamp Headquarters: 831-704-6675
NessiaNessia Starr began her hooping journey in 2010 when she picked up her first over sized hoop and gave it a spin. She felt pure happiness and knew from that moment on her life was going to change forever. Since then Nessia has taken an active role in her community by hosting local hoop jams, hoop events and teaching Hula Hoop classes all over the South Bay Area, CA where she lives. Inspiring many with her teachings, she loves helping people transform not only their physical bodies but their mind & spirit, through the movement of hoopdance. Along with her best friend and husband Ron, Nessia co-founded TrinityStarr Hoops, where together they share their passion for hoopdance and enjoy creating unique high quality hoops of all kinds. When Nessia is not spending time within her hoop, teaching or creating, she is running her small business as a Professional Organizer. Nessia’s passion for dance and movement along with her organizational skills and innate sense of working with people, has put her on her current path to becoming a Life-Coach, looking to incorporate her love of the hoop as a tool of self-expression & overall well being.
sharleenliuSharleen Liu (goes by Shar) started her hoop journey in 2006 at a transitional point of her life. The discovery of hooping lifted her spirit, rekindled her love for dance and connected her with a community of hoopers. In 2009 she wanted to call together hoopers on east side of Los Angeles (at the time most of the hoopers and events were on the west side), she started Pasadena Hoop Group. In the following few years the group hosted regular hoop jams, classes, hoop making workshops, participated in performances such as Doo Dah Parade etc. She worked with LA Hoopers in the meantime and started to contribute to The Hoop Camp in 2011. She dabbled into teaching and selling hoops, but through the process she learned that her biggest joy comes from  bringing people together at events and seeing smiles on their faces. Going forward she plans to continue to contribute to the community that nurtured and expanded her potentials.  Hooping opens many doors and provides unexpected opportunities. She is now learning other flow arts, which in turn helps her to approach hooping in ways she didn’t experience before. Shar is also a professional toy designer and an aspiring event planner.
Contact info: liu.sharleen@gmail.com